Here are some guidelines to prolong the life of your Marlin!

  1. Separate the bone conduction and Marlin unit after usage, rinse both the bone conduction and Marlin unit (include the inside of the audio jack) with distillated/ fresh water after usage, and dry out the metal contact before storage.
  2. Clear the headphone jack of water before inserting the charge cable or the headset cable.  Never attempt to charge or connect while there is water in the headphone jack. 
  3. Do not use sharp objects to depress the buttons as this may cause punctures to the buttons and cause water damage. 
  4. The Marlin is only designed to be used with the provided cable and headsets. Usage of third party headsets and cables are not recommended and will void the warranty. Replacement for these accessories can be ordered directly from Platysens. 
  5. Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean the Marlin. 
  6. Handle the Marlin with care and avoid dropping the unit.