Version 2.11.4    31 May, 2021

- Polar Verity Sense integration. Set your heart rate zone in App. Pair with Polar Verity Sense or Polar OH1+ and get instant audio feedback from Marlin!

Version 2.11.2    4 Sep, 2020


- Download the latest GPS data from Marlin app to Marlin to speed up the GPS sync time for open water swimming.

- Display of swim metrics with line graph instead of bar chart with average figure show for reference

- Indication of successful connection between Marlin and OH1+ with a beep sound follow by "Searching GPS / GPS synced" (for open water mode) or "Rest n seconds" (for pool mode) even before a swim start.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed stroke tempo produces no sound when report heart rate is turned on in open water

- disable set open water training program button when using Marlin-P

- Fixed open water workout display last lap with heart rate 255bpm

Version 2.11.1    July 8, 2020

New features:

- Open water training program

- Polar OH1+ integration. Set your heart rate zone in App. Pair with Polar OH1+ and get instant audio feedback from Marlin!

- Share a snapshot of workout summary to your favorite social media just with a click!


- Support more share options than just email for exporting GPX and CSV files.

- Display target stroke rate in history

- Added audio feedback option to disable report when tilting your head

Bug fixes:

- Fix yards not displaying correctly in open water workout history

- Fix share button falsely show up in open water workout when only is connected

Version 2.10.8    November 7, 2019

Bug fixes

- fix bug in first lap when users select reporting swim time

- report last length time even there is no enough time in the training step

- modify tumble turn detection

Version 2.10.3     March 5, 2018

Added Stroke Rate Reporting

Navigation with Absolute direction

Add 70m Pool Option

Change max set to 20

Added Delay to Japanese Speech and Fixed Issue

Added support for Garmin Connect

Version 2.10.1     November 17, 2018

Fixed issues for multi-language Marlin

Added the use of +/- button to adjust pool length

Version 2.9.11     September 21, 2018

Supported multi-language Marlin

Bug fixes

- Resolved an issue where a loss of data can occur due to memory corruption

- Resolved a tumble turn detection error

Version 2.8.22     March 31, 2018

Bug fixes

- Fixed an issue where the workout is not uploaded under some scenario

Version 2.8.17     February 10, 2018

New Features

-Integration with SwimSmooth Guru

Bug fixes

-lap detection improvement

-battery measurement improvement

-various fixes in training mode

Version 2.7.9     December 6, 2017

New Features

-Add two features in training program  

1. Auto Complete - detect if user has complete a training step   

2. Auto Progress  - proceed with the step once the step instruction has been said  

With these two features, user can define a training program for a long continuous swim. E.g. swim 500m with 65 spm, then another 500m with 75spm, and then finished by another 500m with 60spm

Bug Fixes

-The wording of training program

-Lap detection

Version 2.6.2     October 11, 2017

New Features

- Improved lap counting by performing auto-calibration when lap cannot be detected

- Added one more pool length 13.33 yard

- Support for training program from SwimSmooth

Bug Fixes

- Resolved problem of compressing time in .gpx file generated by App

- Fixed issue where 'on course' is repeated after finishing loop in open water course

- Update device time by using the time from GPS

- Resolved issue where rest time is not correct between segments

Version 2.5.1     August 2, 2017 

New features
1. When user pause a swim for more than 30 mins, Marlin stop the swim and go to sleep

Bugs fixed
1. improve tumble turn detection
2. improve detecting swimming style
3. improve recognizing push and hold button
4. fix a bug in updating time_zone

Version 2.0.33     July 16, 2017 

New features

  1. Marlin reports rest time in 10s interval during rest
  2. Marlin reports accumulated distance and time when user tilts head to the right for 2 seconds

Bugs fixed

  1. - Pool mode, first lap being too short.
  2. - Pool mode, lap time sometimes is very long.
  3. - Pool mode, some report words are lost if user chose too many words to report
  4. - Open water mode, report in miles while user selected km
  5. - Open water mode, total swim time is wrong when swim is over 21 mins
  6. - Training program, the spm selected is not played correctly
  7. - General, improvement of the synchronization mechanism to mobile app to reduce data loss

Notes: To use some of the new features, users also need to update the iOS App and Android App, which will be available in the following week

Version 2.0.32     June 30, 2017 

1 Lap detection improvements

2 Added features

  -  Pool mode 

     - More pool length choice

     - Report pace in time/100s

  - Open Water mode

     - Loop around waypoints

     - Report pace in time/100s

3. Other fixes

Notes: To use some of the new features, users also need to update the iOS App and Android App, which will be available in the following week