Before you start, make sure the Marlin is NOT connected with the Android System Bluetooth Settings.  If it is connected, please disconnect it.  Turn off Bluetooth on your Smartphone and then turn it back on.  The pairing is handled by the App and the device should not be connected in the Android System Bluetooth Settings.

1. Once you are logged into App, it will try to reconnect to the Marlin.  Swipe down to refresh the list.  The Marlin needs to be in standby mode in order to be detected.  The blue LED will blink when it is waiting to be connected. If the Marlin is in sleep mode, press the Start/Stop button to wake it up.  It will announce "Wake Up".  

2. Select Marlin from the list to continue.

3. Select Pair Your Marlin from the list to continue.

4.  Once connected. If you select Device, your Marlin should appear with its detailed information.

For more information, we also include a video to describe how to connect your Marlin

If you are running into problems, please also check the following guidelines related to permission settings in Android