This article describes the workout editing feature. 

Sometimes after a pool session, there will be incorrect lap times detected.   This features allow for simple merging and splitting of incorrect lap times. 

As seen in the App, Lap 8 detection has been combined with Lap 9.  The total distance should be 700m

Swipe right to the detailed summary.  Note there is a Pencil icon on the top right of the App

Click on the Pencil icon, and highlight the incorrect lap (Lap 8 in this example). Select Split to divide Lap 8 into two laps

A message box will appear to allow for the division of the lap into two laps.  Once the correct split has been chosen, press OK to continue.  Click the Checkmark to save the changes.

In the summary, the correct distance is now indicated and the lap numbers are correct as well. If the purpose of the editing is to merge two laps, simply select the laps in sequence and click on the merge option.