You can set training program not only for Pool mode but also for Open Water mode.  Hence, you can also listen to the training steps in open water swimming even swim pool is not available.

1. Go to Training Programs -> Open Water Mode, to add / edit training program and steps for open water mode. 









2. If you are a Training Peaks User, Go to My Settings -> Connect -> TRAININGPEAKS -> Synchronize Training Program, you can also synchronize your training program defined in Training Peaks to Marlin Open Water Mode Training Program if the name contain words ‘ OW ‘.

Note: A space is required before and after the word ‘ OW ’, otherwise, the program will be synchronized to training program in Pool Mode.







Three training programs defined in TRAININGPEAKS with names.  

  1. Training Peaks
  2. Training Peaks OW 2
  3. OW Training Peaks

Program a) is synchronized to pool mode training program, while programs b) and c) are synchronize to open water training program