You can share your workout to another SEAL account so that your friends / coaches can also watch your workout details or even video recorded.   You can follow the steps below for the sharing.

At your SEAL account

*** If you don't want to share the video / your workout don't have any video recorded, you can go to step 2 directly  ***

(1) Upload the workout video to our cloud server

  • Tap 'Camcorder' icon

  • Tap 'Media Folder' icon

  • Tap 'Cloud Upload' icon

(2) Share workout metrics to other SEAL account

  • Tap 'Share' icon at the top right hand corner

  • Tap 'Share to another Seal User'

  • Input the Seal user's registered email address that you want to share with 

(Please remember to check the correctness of the entered email address as there is no checking on the existence of the account)

At the SEAL account of your friend / coach

After the sharing, your friend / coach will see a new workout (with a 'friend' icon displayed at the right hand side of the workout date) added to their 'Workouts' screen. 

The SEAL user name who shared the workout to you, will be shown under the workout title when you tap in to see the workout details.

** Note: You will not be able to share workouts shared to you to other SEAL account